Young Lawyers Awards – Συνέντευξη με την Νταϊάνα Κωνσταντινίδου


Legal News Cy: Tell us a bit about yourself. What do you do? Where are you based at the moment?

Diana Constantinides: I am a dual qualified lawyer in Cyprus and the UK. I currently practice law before the domestic courts in the UK and represent a group of victims before the International Criminal Court. I am based in London although i find myself refusing any geographical limitation, hence being a global citizen instead. My days are mostly about trials and preparation but i pursue activities beyond law. I am helplessly a coffee lover, an investor on friendships and family moments. Nothing beats a brunch with friend on a Sunday morning discussing about philosophy, politics and life.
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LNCy: What exactly is Rolesa and how it is helping lawyers in Cyprus?

DC: Rolesa is the reflection of a positive contribution to future lawyers. I grew frustrated of continuously seeing students struggling to prepare and study for the exams alongside everything else that is thrown at them in the same year. I am delighted to be sharing with the Cypriot legal community Ixion, which is a revolutionary online learning platform that prepares trainee lawyers effectively and meticulously for their Cyprus Bar Exam. After all, trainee lawyers are up to a challenge starting a full time job, travelling long distances to attend lectures, spending time on looking for the right content, studying for the exams and, of course, the pressure of passing them can have negative effects on their health and personal life. The idea of Ixion was to ease the pain and simplify the preparation process. Rolesa found the best lawyers to create the best learning content so that trainee lawyers can have the best result.

LNCy: Can you give some more details about the Young Lawyers Awards?

DC: The Young Lawyers Awards are taking place at Hilton Hotel on the 27th April 2018 at 19:00 -21:00. We would love to see you all there celebrating young and inspiring lawyers.

LNCy: What is the main goal of the awards? What do you try to achieve?

DC: With each passing year young lawyers are presented with new and multifaceted encounters which not only impact the profession but also have influence on society. We need to award and recongise those exceptional individuals. The goal of the Young Lawyers Awards is to nominate young and inspiring individuals that have not only overcome those challenges, but excelled. We hope to bring together the brightest in the legal profession to celebrate and acknowledge exceptional young lawyers.

LNCy: Who can apply?

DC: You can book your free ticket via this link.

LNCy: What is your message to young lawyers in Cyprus?

DC:My message to young lawyers in Cyprus is to practice law you are proud of.

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